Raiders News · Summer Activities and Updates

Much like the spring, the summer will look different than past years for Southern Wells Athletics.  This post will serve as an update for some of the changes and plans that are coming this summer for Raider Athletes and families.  

Summer Activities

In accordance with Governor Holcomb’s executive order and IHSAA guidelines, summer athletic activities will resume no earlier than July 1st at Southern Wells.  In an effort to assure that teams and athletes are ready to compete at the highest level when their seasons start and in an effort to avoid athlete injury and burnout, fall athletic teams have been given priority to conduct their team activities.  Winter and spring sports will be allowed to conduct individual workouts only.  Any athlete grades 7-12 interested in participating in a fall sport should contact the varsity coach for more information.

Volleyball- Karie Lavanchy

Cross Country- Monica Edgeman

Girls Golf- Ez Harris

Football- Mike Roeder

Cheerleading- Heather Kinsey

Weight Training and Conditioning

This year, Raider Athletes will all lift and condition as one unit led by the varsity coaches of all sports.  Weights will take place weekly beginning on July 6th.  All athletes are encouraged to attend workouts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6:30-8pm.  Athletes will be given individualized workout plans to help them build strength, quickness, speed, and endurance.  Contact any varsity coach for more details.

IHSAA Required Physical

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IHSAA has waived the requirement for athletes to turn in a physical for the 2020-2021 school year PROVIDED THAT THE ATHLETE TURNED IN A VALID PHYSICAL FOR 2019-2020.  If the athlete has a valid physical on file, the Athletic Department will handle uploading the physical to Final Forms.  If an athlete did not turn in a valid physical in 2019-2020, a new physical will still be required for participation in official team activities. 

Final Forms

Southern Wells Athletics has partnered with Final Forms to move all of our eligibility and liability paperwork to their digital platform.  Parents must create an account for each athlete and fill out the necessary forms electronically.  This will include all the information contained in the traditional athletic eligibility packet, including the required IHSAA physical.  Sign up information will come in the following weeks.  

While we are not yet sure what fall sports will look like, our athletes, coaches, and athletic department must spend the summer preparing as though the fall will look like every other year.  Our coaches have adjusted their schedules to give all of our athletes the best chance to be successful both individually and collectively in the fall of 2020.  The month of July will be intense, but for those athletes that dedicate themselves to the betterment of themselves and their teams, it will be a rewarding experience.  Coaches play athletes they trust and that trust is built through hard work and dedication both in season and in the offseason.  Athletes, dedicate yourself and recruit a few friends and let’s make 2020-2021 a year to remember in Raider Athletic History! 

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this post, please contact a varsity coach or Mr. Burman at