Raiders News · Bryce Bigham leads the Raiders to a 6th place finish at ACAC

The Southern Wells Jr. High wrestling team finished the season on a strong note at the ACAC tournament at Adams Central on Saturday with a 6th place team finish. Everyone on the team showed  up on weight and ready to wrestle which is always a big battle for Jr. High kids. The guys wrestled hard and showed a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season until now. With a great group of 6th  and 7th graders coming back next year, the sky is limit for these guys if they are  willing to put in the work and commitment it takes to become a great wrestling TEAM! Gage Roberts and Bailey Couch finish up their Jr. High Careers and am looking forward to working with them next year at the HS level.

Dominic Ramirez 4th place finish at 75lbs.

 Bryce Bigham ACAC runner-up at 80lbs.

 Bryar Gearheart 3rd place finish at 90lbs.

 Ben James 4th place finish at 102lbs.

 Seth Alstoft 4th place finish at 117lbs.

 6th place finish for Bradon Encohs at 125lbs.

 Sebastain Couch 6th place finish at 132lbs.

 Maverick Floyd 6th place finish at 140lbs.

 Gage Roberts 4th place finish at 150lbs.

 Bailey Couch 4th place finish at 160lbs.

 Peyton Long 3rd place finish at 195lbs.